A Common Good




The title of this piece refers to the social mentality of working towards common good for all as opposed to concentrating on yourself as the number one project in your life. I still don't know where I stand on this. Spiritually and socially I think there needs to be a balance. We must be self aware but not self obsessed. A lot of the titles for this body of work were conceived while watching True Detective and pondering the many contradictions of organised religion.


Anya Brock Capsule marks a clear break from the bright, pop images of girls faces and animals. Entertaining a more subdued, sophisticated colour palette and loose, expressive mark marking techniques, the Capsule work is supported and informed by Anya’s extensive research of the Abstract Expressionists of 1950’s America. 

There will be no commissions, no immediate prints of the Capsule work released and it is unlikely Anya will revisit bodies of work once finished. The intention is for Anya to have the freedom to research and realise quite disparate concepts and progress freely once the pieces are released.  

Synthetic polymer on canvas

122cm x 122cm




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