Iconic Australian Artist Anya Brock is best known for her spirited and bold use of colour and strokes, exploring the connection between amplification and emotional mark making, creating a distinctive visual language in all her work.


Born in 1983 Anya was raised in Alfred Cove by Catherine and Jon Brock who owned a business repairing chairs. Encouraged from a young age to create, the ‘workshop’ provided her the perfect environment for a young and creative brain. That paired with the encouragement of entrepreneurial small business owners has proved instrumental in Anya’s career.


Identifying strongly with the abstract expressionists hailing from 1950’s America, Anya sees her work as semi abstracted interpretations of her subjects. Employing organic exaggeration and distortion -  the work is recognizably figurative without entering realism.


Anya’s connection to her subject matter provides only a guide for shape and composition, a vehicle in which to experiment with paint application. Conversely, her girls and nude work portray a sensual feminine strength that is intriguing yet non-threatening; bare yet courageous.


Ever the explorer, Anya’s background in fashion design saw her launch her own fashion label from ages 19-26, and consequently working with some of the most prominent British Fashion houses including Christopher Kane and Richard Nicoll.


After an internal awakening, Anya realized that the fashion industry didn’t suit her and she returned to her artistic roots in painting and drawing. She quickly gained notoriety in the Australian art world and opened her first flagship store in Sydney in 2014 and a gallery in Fremantle in 2013. 


Anya’s colourful original paintings and prints of close-up faces, nudes, portrait-inspired animals and geometric compositions, feature in the interiors of Australia’s most contemporary homes and her larger-than-life murals can be found splashed across walls throughout Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle. Her budgie mural that adorned four 10-foot tall windows in Perth was featured in the New York Times.


Her recent work investigates the brutality and beauty of the Protea – a robust and feminine flower that can endure arid and hostile environments brought to life by her fast and expressive technique revealing the inseparable intersection of softness and danger.


Anya lives in Fremantle with her children and dedicates her life to her family and her art.

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