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When painting non-commissioned artworks I usually have no idea how the piece will turn out- and this is what I love. I choose a colour then instinctually make marks and select other colours according to how I feel at that time. The complication with commissions is that there is the varying expectations both from the client and from me as to how the piece will turn out. And sometimes this results in a guessing game for me - trying to predict what the client wants and if that will work as a painting in itself. It all becomes very complicated and confusing SO what I like to do is get a rough idea of what the client is after, for example subject matter, rough colour palette, size and if there’s any of my previous work of mine that they fancy. This allows some guidance but also gives me the freedom to find some magic in the piece. It’s kind of a control thing and kind of a need for space to explore something new. So it goes without saying that by booking a commission with me the client must be open to a certain level of stylisation and interpretation of the subject matter. 
I usually then allow 2 changes to the piece, after which if the painting needs more than that it usually means it didn’t work and making too many changes can mess with the spontaneous nature of the artwork I like to create.



61cm x 76cm: $2,000

76cm x 91cm: $2,800

82cm x 102cm: $3,300

102cm x 122cm: $3,700



76cm x 76cm: $2,200

91cm x 91cm: $2,900

102cm x 102cm: $3,400

122cm x 122cm: $3,900



When providing images it’s best to send a selection- I will know when I see the image I can paint but it’s hard to be specific about what it needs to be- sometimes it’s just a feeling. I generally paint quite simple compositions and I prefer singular subject images- formal portraits if you will. 
Time frames vary as to how much work I have booked in. It's usually around 3-6 months but best enquire if you're interested.

I prefer not to exchange money until the client is happy with the piece. If there is an instance where the commission did not work out I can usually sell the piece (depending how personal the commission was) in my gallery, it is then up to the client and myself if we try again or leave it. 
Once the client has been notified of the completion of the commission and it has been approved they have one week to pay for the piece and 4 weeks to collect, after which the client will be charged a storage fee of $50/ week. If the artwork is to be couriered, this will be included in the quote. 
Hopefully that makes the process of commissioning work by me a little clearer. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with questions and queries.



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