Personal portraits are open again! Have a read of the blurb below and email me at with the name of the person you'd like drawn and 2-3 photos (at least 1mb).

A2:  42cm x 59.4cm   $850
There’s a few important things to note when considering ordering a personal portrait from me:

1). Stylisation: I am not a realist artist so the piece will be heavily stylised like the examples below. This is the unpredictable but exciting part of the process. I will endeavour to capture the likeness of the person but it won’t look exactly like the photo. I’ve tried to do super accurate drawings in the past, but in doing so I lose my signature style and the drawings look lifeless. I allow one change only and if after that the client is not happy then there’s no obligation to purchase. I prefer that everyone is happy with the piece before payment is made but if I feel I can’t make it work I will say so.


2). Posing: I don’t do teeth sorry, so big teethy grins are out. A bit of tooth in a slightly parted mouth is ok. I prefer more dramatic or direct/ candid expressions so it’s best to get the subject to bring forth their courage and inner power for the photograph. Looking at the camera is fine as is looking away or a 3/4 angle. It’s best to take 45 million photos then you’ll get 3 or 4 good ones.

3). Providing the image: I like to choose from 3 or 4 images- they can all be quite similar- maybe just slightly different angles etc. A great drawing or painting usually comes from a great image so the photos provided must be of head and shoulders only and at least 1mb. Photos taken on smart phones are great as they’re usually around 2.5mb in their original format. When taking the photograph try to aim for natural light - inside is best as direct sun often results in squinting and frown lines or harsh shadows. Surprising someone with a portrait is often the biggest pickle as you’re usually left sorting through facebook images or overly posed pictures- I’m less about drawing someones party face and more about drawing an honest and raw snapshot so if you can get a specific photo for this purpose it’s best.


4). Style of image: I’ll draw whatever you feel comfortable sending me so if you normally wear makeup then wear makeup. Statement jewellery or a great collar is also fun to draw. I like drawing raw pieces but you can still be direct and raw with a fancy face. 

5). Age and gender: I’ll draw both men and women and kids. Babies might be a bit weird being super stylised but I can give it a crack. Only one head per image- sorry I can’t do a family portrait on one piece of paper. For some reason multiple heads throw me off. 


6). Payment: Once we’re both happy with the finished drawing I’ll send you an invoice. Shipping is $30 (for Australian orders) and the piece will come rolled in a tube. I’d prefer to ship portraits as organising pickups can be difficult but for Perth customers pick up from Fremantle is an option.

If you’re interested in ordering a personal commission please email to discuss details and wait times.

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